Who we are

Anawim Lay Missions - giving a home and a warm embrace
to poor and abandoned elderly.


Anawim is a small facility for poor and abandoned elderly people founded by Catholic lay preacher Bo Sanchez in Rizal Province, Philippines. Anawim Lay Missions opened its doors in 1996 to rejected and abandoned elderly who are roaming the streets. Its purpose is to provide a home, a sanctuary, to those poor and abandoned elderly who have nowhere else to go.

Our Mission

To build Catholic lay communities that provide Christian homes, evangelization and service to the poor and abandoned in society.

Our Vision

By the year 2020, we want to have ten (10) Anawim branches in different parts of the country, serving the poorest of the poor: abandoned elderly, orphans, street children, handicapped, drug dependents, unwed mothers, prostitutes, etc.

What We Do

Anawim Lay Missions opens its gates to poor and abandoned elderly who have been rejected by their own families.

Some Activities We Have

Time for simple joys and shared laughter is always important.

Care and

Taking care of the health needs of each elderly through volunteer services shared by physicians and medical staff.


Striving to give the best care and support as our way of sharing God's love on Earth to each rejected and abandoned elderly.


Finding respite in God's loving arms through regular prayers and reflection.


Loneliness is a common problem that older people face. This problem is heavier for abandoned and rejected elderly.

What You Can Do

Taking action and supporting the work of Anawim will help us
continue this task of giving a home to these poor and abandoned elderly.


Give to Anawim Lay Missions. The Anawim Lay Missions relies totally on individuals like you who are willing to fund our work of giving a home to the rejected and abandoned elderly. Thank you very much for your support.

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Join a Pilgrimage

Take a day-off to visit the elderly at the Anawim Lay Missions facility. The love and smile that you can share will mean the world to these elderly who have been rejected and abandoned by their relatives.

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Help us continue providing a home for our beloved elderly. Help us today.

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Your online gift will help provide for the needs of these rejected and abandoned elderly in Anawim.

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Give a steady flow of support for the needs of the abandoned elderly with a regular monthly gift.

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You can share anything that Anawim needs for caring for the rejected and abandoned elderly.

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